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Vegtech supplies a vast array of structures and products, and has the ability and experience to offer construction and installation of all systems. As such, Vegtech can truly claim to provide ‘turn-key’ solutions to any undercover growing requirement.

Vegtech has 6 dedicated construction teams, and with over 400 projects completed in Africa and the Middle East, these teams have the necessary experience to overcome almost any construction challenge. Their work is of the highest standard, complementing Vegtech’s high quality products. Vegtech can also provide supervisors to work on construction with local labour.





Greenhouses require constant upkeep and maintenance, to ensure many years of use. Greenhouse films need to be replaced every 2-4 years, depending on the type of film and crop involved. Motors and fans require servicing and bolts and nuts need to be checked. Most greenhouse owners are capable of doing small and regular maintenance jobs, but for bigger jobs, Vegtech’s construction teams are always available. Vegtech also does upgrading of old greenhouses as well as conversions of greenhouses where crop change or other reasons require system changes in the greenhouse. As maintenance is an ongoing process, Vegtech holds large stocks of components required for the maintenance and upgrade of all types of greenhouses.