Region: Uitenhage – South Africa

Crop: Tomatoes & Seedlings

Type of Structure:  Closed Classic 9.6m with fans and misting system (8000 m²)

Description of project:

This project was funded by the Uitenhage & Despatch Development Initiative (UDDI) in order to uplift the local community and create opportunities in the area. There are two greenhouses, one of 5000 m² for the production of tomatoes and one of 3000 m² to be used as a nursery for seedling production to supply the project itself and to other local farmers to order. This part of the Eastern Cape is very windy and the structure is designed to withstand the specific weather conditions. A climate control system monitors the climatic conditions inside & outside the greenhouses and operates the equipment accordingly and automatically. This includes the fans for ventilation, an automated window opposite the fans and a misting system. A turnkey solution was provided here that also included the fully automated irrigation and fertigation system.